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So when I create a DDS and fill out the url for a google spreadsheat.csv (no idea about namespaces) probably available when its a public doc (no need fro auth, api) I could maniplate data in tables on my google account, and symphony could act on that life data?… If so this could be used as a poor man’s cloud ERP (or ecommerce backend)…

This extension presumes you have a header row in your csv of column titles. Missing this row will result in the xml nodes using the first row as their names. Also, the first row will not be used for any node values.

Example output is:

<your-ds-name status="fresh" creation="2010-10-16T01:16:39+01:00">

The xml-from-csv and row node names are hardcoded.

Sorry newnomad, missed that comment before mine…

I’ve never used Google Docs before, so i’ve not tried it. I don’t know to be honest, give it a go and let me know your outcome…

This extension uses a copy of the datasource.dynamic_xml.php file from the toolkit, as does Brent’s JSON DS, so it is kind of a hack really. I would love to see something developed into the core for this, but as 2.2 is the last, it may have to be a fork-and-hack job.

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