I have the same request of "s_e"

The export process worked using

public function export($data, $entry_id = null)
                return trim($data['start']);
        } else {
            return '';

but the import never...

kanduvisla, I need your help I have an application called orangehrm in which it create report but the problem when i want to export it became a problem. My question is how can I use your code from to export data

Has anyone developed an importdriver for the map location field extension? I'm not sure if it's possible to use an address column in the CSV to update the geo coordinates of the map location field but if someone could steer me in the right direction that'd be great.

Has anyone attempted an import into a section with members extension fields?

All seems to Import well.. I've added a field called Activated in my CSV and set this to 'Yes' in order to trigger a successful import.

The only issue I'm experiencing is the 'Member:password' field. I needed to create/generate a block of 600 random passwords offline and import them next to each row in the CSV and then import them into the section..

They import fine, but the Password field is saying that the imported data is 'weak(1)' when I know that the passwords were based on UUID's 36 characters long.

Any ideas why this could be happening?

Warning for those who are trying to use this extension.

The name of the extension says CSV, but the files are not CSV. They are semi-colon separated, so you need to edit the file and put sep=; at the top of the file in order to use them in Excel, etc.

They import fine, but the Password field is saying that the imported data is 'weak(1)' when I know that the passwords were based on UUID's 36 characters long.

Any ideas why this could be happening?

Password strength is calculated based on the user input right before it is taken and hashed with the given salt, not the hashed outcome which is what you have imported.

Mark, this wasn't the hash outcome from Members or anything it was just an attempt to simulate the users input using a UUID generator online to get the 600 passwords...

Could you point me in the right direction as to whether it is possible to import into a section and have the passwords register correctly? Have you ever attempted this?

has anyone wrote a driver for pages field ?

it's been a long time since i've posted on here, but i'm running into the issue of

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Field 'author_id' doesn't have a default value

as outlined on the first page of this thread. However, I'm only seeing two tables with the author_id column - sym_entries and sym_forgotpass. When I look in sym_entries, all the author_id columns are filled out with 1. I ran into this problem before, but that time there genuinely was not a value set for author_id but this time there is. Any thoughts on how to fix this? the original query is this:

INSERT INTO `sym_entries` (`section_id`, `modification_date`, `modification_date_gmt`, `creation_date`, `creation_date_gmt`) VALUES ('8', '2013-07-13 16:41:13', '2013-07-13 20:41:13', '2013-07-13 16:41:13', '2013-07-13 20:41:13')

@wtdtan you are not defining an author_id in the query. The value should be arbitrary I presube; showing the author who wrote the entry; so if you're not sure about the value you could safely set it to 1 which would be the first user created.

@gunglien, I'm going to have to take a look at that error again b/c i think i deleted the db by accident on my local and had no backup.

I'm running into a new issue though, which I'm pretty baffled by:

Symphony Fatal Database Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
An error occurred while attempting to execute the following query

UPDATE sym_entries_data_199 SET value = (value + 1) WHERE value >=

with this csv uploaded:

Quote,Publication Name,Line,Date of Publication,URL

Very simple, stripped down source, but I'm not sure what that error is pointing to exactly which results in a 500 error

any help is always appreciated.

bah. i didn't look closely enough at that last error message til this morning (that's what happens when you're working on something for 12 hours straight) and noticed that the Order Entries extension was throwing an issue, not this one. Once I removed the Order Entries field, the import worked fine.


I don't know if this is a recent change in Symphony, but using this extension for upload fields seems to put the wrong value in the DB. Rather than 'filename' it puts '/directory/filename'. I edited ImportDriver_upload.php and replaced line 29 with the below and it seems to get the right value now.

$filename = str_replace($destination, '', trim($value));

Thanks for a very useful extension.

Regards, Fish

Why not send a pull request to the github repo? A recent change was made which moves the destination directory out of the table entry.


For whatever reason, when I try and import data using this extension, my ID field, which is a reflection field, shows as null.

any way the import can somehow refresh symphony to pick up the reflection field which is pointing to the systemid?


whenever I perform an import using this extension, it imports the first line, then hangs up and doesn't import anything else....anybody know what could be happening here?

Anything in your logs or browser console? What Symphony version, what version of this extension. What fields are in the section you are trying to import to?

It turns out that my problem isn't with this extension, but with the map location fields extension. It is causing import hangups because of a fatal error surrounding default co-ordinates.

I have started a new thread surrounding this issue.

Is there a working version for 2.5 available? I can install the extension after I changed line 21. But the index page (symphony/extension/importcsv/) is blank

I think it went wrong on line 94 from content.index.php: $this->Form->setValue($xslt->generate()); A var_dump($xslt->generate()) gives bool(false)

(I'm using the version of brendo. That seems to be the most updated version)

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