I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of you for your contributions to Symphony CMS. I recently (re)launched a family blog built on Symphony and, while it’s a simple site by many standards, it never ceases to amaze me what a powerful yet elegant system Symphony is. For a guy coming from the front-end of web development, the amount of functionality that I was able to accomplish in the span of a long weekend is really impressive.

Here are the extensions and utilities I used in addition to the core:


XSLT Utilities

My apologies if I have missed anyone. Thank you all once again for the amazing software and community.

Cool! I’m glad that the get-google-map.xsl utility helped you out. Great work Brian! Very cool site!

Unfortunately the site is giving a Internal Server Error (500). I’d be very interested too see how you used Symphony!

I can also vouch for the community, always get very helpful replies!

Yes, of course the very day I post this message, the server goes down. For some reason, PHP has gone AWOL. Support request has been sent to Joyent.

I’ll let you know when it’s back up.

All better now.

Looks great Brian, glad to see other Chicagoans using Symphony!

The site looks great, Brian!

Would you mind sharing a little about your process of building a Symphony site in a weekend? I was thinking it might make a great article.

You’re welcome :) I love the textures you’ve used!

  • pluralize.xsl

Although most of my utilities and extensions are stupidly simple, glad you like them anyways :-)

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