I noticed that the Profile Devkit extension is not working properly (which means it is actually missing a lot of parameter/value pairs) on two of my websites. These websites happen to be the most complicated ones.

The problem I experience is connected to line 28 of content.profile.php. This line is:

$this->_profiler = Frontend::instance()->Profiler;

A long time ago it used to be:

$this->_profiler = $this->_page->_Parent->Profiler;

The strange thing is: The old (deprecated) version to get the profiler array is working perfectly, while the new one does not.

Doing a var_dump (or print_r) on both versions I see that indeed the _profiler array is missing a lot of information (i.e. profiler arrays) if I use the new Frontend::instance() syntax.

I hope that someone has any ideas concerning this issue.

BTW. This is Symphony 2.1.2, of course.

I discovered the exact opposite a while back — when using the _Parent syntax it was under-reporting. I believe this is a deeper problem with the old _Parent syntax whereby the _Parent object is actually a different object than the static X:instance() class. Many of the _Parent references in the core have been replaced with the cleaner alternatives, but some extensions that still use _Parent may be causing things to go awry.

So I should search for extensions which still use the deprecated syntax? Can it be they somehow break the instance object?

I found the extension which breaks the whole thing: It’s the Section Schemas extension. No joke, and I really have no idea why. But I swear that if I uninstall it (and remove it from the extensions folder), everything works as intended. (And yes, it is the latest version.)

And here we go… The problem is in line 4 of extension.driver.php:

require_once(CORE . '/class.administration.php');

If I comment this line out, everything’s fine.

Ooops, sorry Michael!

Annoyingly I added this into the code because Section Schemas invokes field functions in the frontend that were only originally intended to be invoked from the backend, therefore I have to include Administration otherwise some fields give a fatal PHP error.

How now I’ve added the “incompatible” list, I would think this require_once can be safely removed.

So you will roll out version 1.5? (I don’t like hacked extensions…potential chaos…)

Thak you, Nick, for 1.5. Case closed.

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