I’m desperately trying to get this to work:

Has anybody managed it as yet? Client is breathing down my neck about the site looking the same in all browsers. I know I should say that it doesn’t have to, but they won’t budge.

Any one got any experience making this technique work?

This forum is purely for Symphony/XML/XSLT, so I suggest you try the CSS Pie forums.

I know it’s Symphony, but I’m thinking that because Symphony has it’s own structure with Workspace, and rewrites that people here may have had some issue with it, and perhaps have managed to get it to work.

I honestly thought that if I asked here first, I may get some advice from someone who has successfully managed to get it to work.

Reasons being is that the .htc file is relative not to the css file it is being called in, and also there may be some .htaccess editing I need to do, but I know that Symphony has it’s own rewrite rules.

Pie is beta and is based on hacks (HTC behaviours are IE hacks of the worst kind).

That said, what exactly is the problem you’re facing? One of paths? If so, that should be simple enough to get around using either absolute URLS (behavior: url(/workspace/path/to/;) or htaccess (RewriteRule ^path/to/$ workspace/real/path/to/ [L,NC]).

Yeah I know they are hacks, but I just have to suck it up in this instance.

behaviour: url(/workspace/css/;

Just doesn’t seem to be even loading in the file, according to Charles Proxy tool.

Close thread. typo. Well American spelling threw me. Damn it. :)

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