I’m currently building a little photoblog of silly pictures I take with my iPhone. Right now, I have to wait until I get to a computer and dump the photos off the phone so I can create new entries through a web browser.

It would be really nice if I could send the pictures right from the phone to Symphony and create a new entry — maybe through email? Not sure where to begin with that. Has anyone done this?


You’ll want a script which connects to an inbox (via an IMAP or POP3 wrapper), finds new email, and creates a new Symphony entry from the email and any associated attachments.

or you can try posterous, pingfm, tumblr or another blog service with email features, and then cron, manually import entries, or just pull the entries in as external datasource.

Add Flickr to the list too.

You should also take a look at the lately really popular photo sharing apps for the iPhone: Instagram and Path. They have done great work and I’m not sure whether it is worth the effort to build something for yourself if you don’t have any exceptional demands they don’t fulfill.

I thought about other services, but I already built the site and would prefer to host my own images. Maybe I’ll look into Flickr and see if I can get what I want out of it.

I started a Tumblr blog and got frustrated with its options and template system. It was 10x easier to whip it up in Symphony than to mess with a custom Tumblr theme.

@nickdunn I’ll look into an email connection script. Sounds complicated, but maybe not … no big deal either way.

Thanks for the advice!

Hi MrBlank

Did you find a solution? I want to do the same...

@dotspion Nope. It's just outside my technical skill.

Have you had a look at this forum thread?

I haven't tried it but might be useful.

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