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I’ve got a question regarding parameters: I see that $url- parameters are not set if they don’t have any value (makes sense).

That way I can override their value using

<xsl:variable name="url-q" select="'Search'" />

at the top of my stylesheet.

But I’m having a problem with regular parameters. They’re always set but may be blank (you can see $title = '' in the debug view).

This makes it impossible for me to override their value using said technique. Has anybody else had that problem too?

Variables and parameters have scope, so you could set the variable inside a template, which will override the value that is set at the top level.

Also note that there is a slight difference in how processors handle variables v.s. parameters. Try experimenting with declaring it differently and see if the behaviour changes. I don’t quite remember what the rules are for libXSLT, but I believe declaring as parameters can override params sent to the processor as arguments while variables won’t.

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