Hello, Symphonians.

I’m developing an extension called Migrations and I’d like to listen your opinion about it, but let me explain how it works first.

Everyone who often works with Symphony 2 knows that one of the things that could be improved is the way to keep content type changes synchronized with the production environment, or even with other developers.

The good news is that Symphony 3 already solved this problem using the best solution. As Symphony 2 will be used for a long time I think its really useful to have an extension that does it too.

There are a couple of extensions created by the community with different approaches. But most of them you still have to interact with SQL code, which is not good I think.

The main idea is to provide a better workflow when it comes to create or update sections and pages, and send these changes to other people or servers through raw PHP files.

As data sources and events, migrations are also part of your project. So every migration file will be stored in the migrations directory located on workspace folder.

I started coding this extension but still in its infancy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time, and sorry for any english mistake.

What do you think?

Rainer, I really like this idea. We have some ideas that we are cooking up for some community projects, so I think this will be an important issue to solve. While Symphony 3 does solve it, you are right that we need an interim solution.

I’m not sure how much I could contribute to functionality. But I’d be happy to test your extension.

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