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A new extension, “Readonly Mode” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Prevents both authors and events from changing or creating any entries when they really shouldn’t.

Perfect timing :)

One issue though. It appears the The nickdunn’s ‘Save as New’ button remains active. Don’t have a clue why.

It appears the The nickdunn’s ‘Save as New’ button remains active.

That’s because it’s being injected using JS. Right now, readonly mode just manipulates the XMLelement-tree right before it’s being sent to the renderer.

Readonly Mode updated to version 1.1 on 4th of March 2011

Compatibility with Symphony 2.2

Great extension, phoque.

Just one suggestion. The Maintenance Mode extension adds a parameter to return the status of the site:

  • $site-mode = 'live'
  • $site-mode = 'maintenance'

It would be great to have a parameter to indicate to users that the site is locked with the Readonly Mode extension. This is a great extension to keep content live, but lock down the site while working on it. But I'd like to be able to communicate that for the times when things are locked down. Especially for contact forms, where someone might try to use a form and wonder why the form didn't work. I can have a message on that page that says, "Temporarily disabled while the site is being maintained."

  • $readonly-mode = 'no'
  • $readonly-mode = 'yes'

Then, this can work as a complete alternative to Maintenance Mode, where every request gets redirected to the Maintenance page.

I'm just trying it out, and finding that it really wouldn't take much to add this. Just subscribe to the delegate to add a parameter to the pool:

    'page' => '/frontend/',
    'delegate' => 'FrontendParamsResolve',
    'callback' => '__addParam'

Then add another method to test the configuration file for the current Readonly Mode setting:

public function __addParam($context) {
    $context['params']['readonly-mode'] = (Symphony::Configuration()->get('enabled', 'readonly_mode') == 'yes' ? 'yes' : 'no'); 

This would be pretty handy to be able to display the site status on the front end.

<xsl:if test="$readonly-mode = 'yes'">
    <p class="alert">This site is in read-only mode.</p>

I think that's a great idea, Stephen!

Done and thanks for the pullrequest!

Please note that you need to reinstall the extension to make the params work. You know, re-registering the delegates and stuff...

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