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Hi guys,

I am using the Subsection Manager to have a number of categories for different articles. I wish to apply a filter on such categories. Can filters be applied to the subsection manager?

If not, is there another way round?


What exactly do you mean by saying “apply a filter”? Which context are we talking about? Data source, event, backend interface?

My apologies Nils…applying the filter to the datasource. I have just taken over a project using Symphony and I am still new to symphony and the extensions :)

You’re welcome. The current version of Subsection Manager allows data source filtering by ID. So you’d have to create two data sources:

  • One that fetches from your subsection directly and which is filtered by the name of your category. This data source needs to output a parameter with system IDs.
  • A second data source that fetches from your parent section and which filters the Subsection Manager field by the output parameter from the first data source.

Thanks alot Nils, Ill try this out

Sorry for opening this thread again….datasource filtering by id works in Version: 1.0.1 ?

As for the life of me I cant get this to work…

Can anyone help here?! It seems pretty straightforward...what I did now was in my posts section, I added a filter subsection manager field "category" and added the system id value directly and I get this error

<error>MySQL Error (1054): Unknown column 't110_1.value' in 'where clause' in query "SELECTe.id,e.section_id, e.authorid, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(e.creationdate) AScreationdateFROMsymentriesASe`

                LEFT JOIN
                    `sym_entries_data_110` AS t110_1
                    ON (e.id = t110_1.entry_id)
            LEFT OUTER JOIN `sym_entries_data_18` AS `ed` ON (`e`.`id` = `ed`.`entry_id`) 
            WHERE 1

            AND `e`.`section_id` = '3' 

                AND t110_1.value IN ('305')

            ORDER BY `ed`.`gmt` DESC
            LIMIT 0, 5"</error>`

My apologies I found the same issue and the solution! (It seems I didnt do enough research :( ) Here

@Csan0003 or @Nils, can you show me an example of how to use the filter?

I thought it was something like this:

157 earlier than {$current-time}

But it isn't working. (157 is the ID of a field)

Thanks a lot!

João, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

I've got a section with a date field a subsection field; This subsection has time and title fields.

I need to get the main entry, filtering with a date ( till here everything is fine ), and the subsection entries according with the time ( here comes the problem ).


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