A new XSLT utility, “Head JS” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This is great! I’ve been using headjs recently and will be looking forward to testing out this utility.

Hey I like this!

One question, instead of using jQuery from Google, or a /workspace folder, would it not be easier to use the one bundled with Symphony? It’s just about to be updated to 1.5 too with the Symphony 2.2 release. Would it not be easier?

@designermonkey Good idea! I will update it soon.

I’ve made a couple of changes to this script for my own use and thought I’d share them:

  • Added the ability to label scripts, as documented on the site
  • removed type=”text/javascript” (optional) for people like myself doing html5
  • in head:jquery function removed ‘https:’ so that you can load automatically from either https/http depending on whether your site is in http/https mode.

see my slight amendments here: particularly lines 33,37,59

Did I mention this is a great utility?

Head JS updated to version 0.2 on 7th of February 2011

Change Log

  • Using jQuery that’s bundled with Symphony (for local development)
  • Added $secure paramater, which automatically identifies current protocol
  • You can drop type attribute simply passing true() as argument

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