my website has been spammed. (how to protect symphony from being spammed}

so I deleted all comments through database.

still, I have a problem. now everything is None, but how do I make all that go away, through phpmyadmin? image hosted somewhere online

You have to delete every affected line from sym_entries_data_xxx where xxx are the IDs of your fields. Also, you need to delete the according lines from sym_entries.

You could also try changing the line

'pagination_maximum_rows' => '17',

in config.php to

'pagination_maximum_rows' => '9999',

so you'll see all entries in one view.

are in sym_entries articles also or just comments?

sym_entries contains the IDs for ALL your data.

so how do I safely delete the ones I don't want, without a hassle?

Next time you have to delete all entries from a section you may consider using Symphony's section table (section overview) page: Simply click on the section in question, then from the "With selected..." menu choose "Delete Entries", then click "Apply".

[EDIT]: In any other case follow phoque's advice.

are comments maybe under section id 4 and articles under section id 1???

and how do I select all entries @ once? if i put pagination maximum rows 9999

and how do I select all entries @ once? if i put pagination maximum rows 9999

Drat! Shift+Click to select a range is new to Symphony 2.2, sorry. :-(

Shift+Click to select a range is new to Symphony 2.2

Nope, this works in 2.1.2 as well!

what means author id = 0?

That's probably you. The first author in your system (see sym_authors).

Did you try shift-clicking the first and the last spam article after setting pagination to 9999?

my id is 1. that probably means that all outsiders have id=0 and that I can delete those safely, right?

I did try, but I have older version 2.0.6. Maybe I should update? :P

Maybe I should update? :P

Probably. But not with a corrupted DB. You did create a backup, right? :-D

yes i did. and i managed to delete them all. phew. thanks for help guys. p.s. can i update straight to 2.2. or not? (2.0.6.) i have.

from the README:

Versions Prior to 2.1 As of version 2.1, Symphony stores passwords using the more secure SHA1 algorithm (previous versions used MD5). When updating to 2.1, the primary user's login password will be reset (the new password will be displayed by the updater—please note it). Please also note that all other users' passwords will no longer be valid and will require a manual reset through Symphony's forgotten password feature. Alternatively, as an administrator, you can also change your users' passwords on their behalf.

can i update straight to 2.2. or not?

The installer seems to work for pre-2.0.3 versions as well so I guess you should be fine. Just don't do it on a production site first ;-)

Thank you guys. I appreciate your help.

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