A new Extension, “German Translation” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

The last weeks I have been working with Marcin’s excellent Translation Manager. As a result I like to release a first German translation of the admin interface. It’s a work in progress that can be found at github and you’ll need the lastest Symphony revision - the official 2.0 release will not work.

To all Germans:

Wie bereits auf Englisch geschrieben ist das Ganze noch im Werden. Ich würde mich sehr über Rückmeldungen freuen. Ich habe chronologisch all Sprachsegmente übersetzt, so dass man davon ausgehen kann, dass einiges nicht passt oder (da es in verschiedenen Situationen Verwendung findet) nicht immer glücklich ist. An sich muss ich sagen, dass es sehr seltsam ist, das Interface auf Deutsch zu benutzen - aber man gewöhnt sich schnell dran.

Zur Installation: Einfach die Erweiterung herunterladen und installieren. Sobald sie aktiviert ist, ist das Interface auf Deutsch. Deaktivieren oder Deinstallieren des Plugins stellt den Ursprungszustand wieder her.

Ach ja: Es gibt noch ein paar Stellen, die nicht übersetzbar sind, so dass es ein paar Lücken gibt, die weiterhin englisch angezeigt werden.

Ab Symphony 2.0.7 lässt sich die Sprache in den Symstemeinstellungen oder den Autorenprofilen einstellen.


Thank you Nils and Marcin for your efforts, only a year ago this level of community participation was a dream - to see it now as reality feels me up with warmth and pride.

We're working on the new Symphony/Overture site with better functionality surrounding extensions and we aim to do all these wonderful extensions justice!

Just as a note: With the update to Symphony 2.0.1 a small change in the dictionary class broke this extension. I’ll try to release an update soon.

Just as an update: Simply copy /extensions/german/lang/ to /symphony/lib/lang/ to get this extension working with the current release.


Language: German updated to version 1.1.1 on 7th of February 2010

This Extension breaks creating/editing/saving dynamic Datasources for me (2.07) because of the translation of the term ‘dynamic_xml’ to ‘dynamisches_xml’

Creating a new dynamic DS with the german language enabled results in a DS-File that looks just like a regular DS (except for the ‘getSource()’-Value). The dynamic values ‘$dsParamURL’, ‘$dsParamXPATH’ and ‘$dsParamCACHE’ aren’t saved in the ds-file and the whole thing fails.

Removing the translation of ‘dynamic_xml’ from the language-file resolves the problem. I haven’t checked if the ‘static_xml’-value is producing errors too, but I think it would be better to keep ‘internal-logic-only’-terms like this untranslated.

Ansonsten besten Dank für die Übersetzungsarbeit! Fühlt sich tatsächlich erstmal komisch an, aber man gewöhnt sich dran und dem Kunden wirds gefallen :)

That’s not a special problem of this translation but a general Symphony issue. The data source manager relies on the different types (which should be translated, e. g. “Dynamisches XML”) matching class names for showing and hiding the needed interface components. So translating class names is intended behaviour for some classes – but it seems like this class shouldn’t be translated. I’ll have a look at this issue by the end of the week.

Ansonsten besten Dank für die Übersetzungsarbeit!

Bitte sehr! :)

The Release Date of the last release is a little bit off…. in the future. :)

Hey, I’d love to download this extension, but where’s the download link?

Isn’t there supposed to be a “Download Extension” link in the upper right corner?

OK, finally got this working by downloading from the Git repository (which is cumbersome) and then renaming the folder from “nilshoerrmann-langgerman-81374cf” to “langgerman”.

There’s no other way to make it appear in my extensions panel.

Tintin81, that’s a regular occurance with Git… Having to rename folders I mean.

OK, thanks. Didn’t know that because I haven’t signed up at Git yet. I found the extensions that are using a simple download button much easier to implement.

I’m not a git person either, more a subversion. If the developer on Git names their repository folder differently to the extension class, then the folder will need renaming.

It’s most always in the readme file though, so not that hard to find…

It is usually better to get the Git version in my experience, I’ve found that sometimes the download link gets out of date, version wise, quite quickly.

The renaming issue is not related to Git but to the way GitHub handles things. The only way to provide a direct download link here is to add a ZIP file in the administration area of this site. I’m not using this as I don’t want to split downloads over different places. I think this is a common practice for other extensions as well to only use GitHub for extension distribution.

Language: German updated to version 1.2 on 16th of February 2011

  • Symphony 2.2 compatibility
  • Date and time localisation

Die deutsche Übersetzung muss noch ausgiebig getestet werden - es gibt zahlreiche neue Sätze, die losgelöst im Englischen teilweise recht seltsam anmuten. Daher bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob die deutsche Übersetzung immer so zielsicher ist.

Falls jemand Zeit hat, die gesamte Übersetzung gegenzulesen und zu vereinheitlichen, wäre ich für Rückmeldungen dankbar.

Hey Nils,

Feel free to send me that German translation for proofreading. I am ready to help!

hmm, it broke my site

Looks like it's stemming from a Mobile Detector extension. What is line 44 of class.mobiledevice.php?

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