• Write a better README documentation
  • Document entire source code using PHPDoc syntax
  • Improve reporting system including interface design
  • Fields synchronization
  • Test and release final version

Any help is appreciated.

when trying to enable this extension, i am getting this error after submitting:

mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists

and does not enable the extension.

I posted another issue: Migrate with Members extension timezone field results in error

Edit: Sorry. This is not an issue with the Schema Migration extension. It is a Members extension issue. This issue can be closed for this extension.

I think this may be an issue for the Schema Migration extension.

Edit: Well, this is just embarrassing. The permissions were wrong on the directories. Never mind.

stephen, 1 for 3...if this were baseball you'd still be doing pretty good =)

Yeah. That's me flailing wildly at the plate :P

I posted a solution to the SQL syntax error that I referred to above.

@rainerborene I've just installed the extension in a project with a section already created. The Extension doesn't create the Sections' xml until you save them. So, you need to click save in an already saved (created) section. It would be nice if the extension generated the files automatically when installed.

Thanks for the extension. It's a very useful tool!!

It also gives me a sql error when saving an already created page after installing the extension!

This extension isn't ready for production, and still needs a lot of work. If anyone wants to push this extension forward I'd be thankful for that. Unfortunately, I don't have to time to do this work because I'm not using Symphony at my job.

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