It's been a while since I've touched Symphony as my day job requires me to use Drupal - but I still have some clients on Symphony, and I've come across an error I've never seen before.

Editing or Creating sections has thrown this error:

DOMDocument::loadHTML() [domdocument.loadhtml]: ID fields[-1][location] already defined in Entity, line: 183
/nfs/c02/h09/mnt/29224/domains/ line 100

95          }
96      }
98      private function appendPreferences($context){
99          if ($this->_callback['driver'] == 'blueprintssections' && in_array($this->_callback['context'][0], array('edit', 'new'))){
100             $dom = @DOMDocument::loadHTML($context['output']);
101             $xpath = new DOMXPath($dom);
103             $meta = $xpath->query("//input[@name='meta[hidden]']")->item(0);

This may have been caused by the subsection extension as I had just installed it and when went to play with it, it did this. I tried to remove the extension and the error remained, so I updated my Symphony to 2.2 - and still the same, I reinstalled the extension and still the same.

Is this a fatal error? :(

It seems that the Static Section extension tries to manipulate a backend page (append preferences) and DOMDocument::loadHTML() chokes on invalid markup, e.g. an unencoded &.

Of course, should have seen that. Sorry. :(

Right well it seems I have the latest version of this extension, so its broke with Symphony 2.1 and 2.2 - although I accept it does say unsure in the compatability lists.

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