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Hi Guys,

Your thoughts on the following:

I have a number of rss feeds served from my website: www.mysite.com/rss/news and www.mysite.com/rss/daily-news.

  • I am thinking of having a section on my website, where people can subscribe to such feeds by just providing some authentication details (username, password, type of subscriber), then they choose
    what feeds they want and they will automatically receive an identification key which will allow them to access such feeds and use them anywhere on their website.

  • I'd also like to control certain information that should be published in such feeds depending on the type of subscribers and maybe the f frequency of such feeds.

  • I'd also like to track this on the backend of symphony.

For example: Level 1 users have access to the news in xml format containing
certain advertisements and receive them in 30mins. Level 2 users have access to the news in xml format with more important information containing less advertisements but in 5mins.

1) What is the best way of doing this? I have an idea but thoughts would be appreciated. 2) Would this impact my site performance if I have a number of subscribers using such feeds? I assume so no?


You can use http authentication by a htaccess password protection, but not all readers support this, so they'd have to put their login/pw in the url. But it seems not all readers support this. Even though you can add the login/pw to the url but some people don't want to do that for security reasons, unless you offer a htpps feed.

I am curious if anyone has done this in symphony, without editing the htaccess file, or with using an extension to do so.

thanks alot newnomad for your input!

Would love to get this started, just need someone to point me in the right direction

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