A new extension, "Members" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

One word: EPIC.

Congrats Brendan!


Thanks a lot, Brendan! And thanks to the bug testers and collaborators.

Boom goes the dynamite!

Great! That was one of the main (if not the only one) missing things in Symphony :). Thanks!

Eine tiefe Verbeugung und Applaus! Congratulations!

Woot, thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this. Now to use it!

So awesome. Thanks everyone for working on this.


Now is a good time to officially thank Brendan for his work. Those of you who followed the development on GitHub will have noticed: Although I tortured Brendan with questions and bug reports over many weeks, he never stopped working on this. He never stopped explaining, discussing and coding. I am very happy with the outcome, which is really production-ready in my eyes.

Thank you, @brendo, for making this extension come true!

Great!! Thank you to brendo, all collaborators and testers.

@brendo: You rock.

Thanks everyone, if you spot anything odd please put it on the issue tracker (we are using Github to manage Members).

I know there's still a couple of features people are looking for (ability to log into multiple Member sections and Facebook/Twitter log in) but this release was just getting a solid base so we can grow from there. They are both on the roadmap :)

We also trying a a wiki as a README just doesn't seem to cut it for an extension this large. If there's things omitted from the Wiki, things written weirdly or something is just plain wrong, please bring it up by leaving feedback in this thread, or creating an issue on the tracker.


I'm loving this extension, working on building a site right now with it. To your point brendo about documentation, it might be cool to see the Members Reference Ensemble get updated to show a simple starting point and a "best use" sort of example.

I believe it's already in the works (along with the much anticipated Forum ensemble)

What is meant by element_name in the form example here?

    <form method="post" autocomplete='off'>
        <input name="fields[{Member: Username element_name}]" type="text" />
        <input name="fields[{Member: Password element_name}]" type="password" />

    <input name="redirect" type="hidden" value="{$your-redirect-url}" />
    <input name="member-action[login]" type="submit" value="Login" />

Use the element name of your field. So if your field is called Username, use username. If your field is called User Name, use user-name.

Same as if you were creating a form for a normal event.

Gotcha! thanks :)


So it would read [{Members: Username username}] ?

Any idea why $member-id and $member-role parameters are not being added to the page params? Members is enabled and Roles setup as intended.. I see all 4 additional options for members:activation etc.. in the Components > Events > entry


Sym 2.2.1 install.

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