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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to migrate my local installation to the production server for tests and I'm having trouble with MySQL.

When trying to access a section from Symphony I get a MySQL error when it comes to this line:

SHOW COLUMNS FROM `sym_entries_data_49` WHERE Field = 'value';

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE Field = 'value'' at line 3

So I evaluated this same query in phpMyAdmin localy and on the production server. I get the same error on the production server, and it works fine localy.

Localy I have MySQL client version: 5.5.9 and on the production server I have MySQL client version: 5.0.32

Is 5.0 too old for Symphony?

The thing is I can read at the bottom of this site that Symphony is compatible with MySQL 4.1 or above.

I remember the same thing flagged up on the issue tracker, so it's certainly a MySQL version thing.


So I think future versions of Symphony will require MySQL 5+ (presumably higher than 5.0).

Can You try to wrap "Field" word with backticks, e.g.,

SHOW COLUMNS FROM `sym_entries_data_49` WHERE `Field` = 'value';

and let us know if it helped?

update: Nevermind, i see now that it is about "WHERE" vs "LIKE", not about column name. Sorry.

Yes it didn't work any better.

Can anyone confirm Symphony runs on MySQL 5.1.26 ?

I could have my server upgraded, but it comes at a price. Thanks for your help.

Some of my websites run on 5.1.49-3, some others on 5.0.51a. No problems there.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate your help! Although 5.0.32 seams close to 5.0.51a.

Yep. Hard to believe that there should be such a big difference.

I have just tested on 5.0.51a and as you said it works fine. So I believe this could be the minimum version requirement for Symphony.

Wow, it's time to change the requirements.

Yep it has been on the todo list for the next release and the integration branch has been updated to prevent installation on those systems.

The issue in question for this thread has also been rolled back to use the LIKE syntax.

I was unaware that 5.0.32 still has the issue, but nevertheless, the bug has been solved/prevented.

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