Announcing GitHub for Mac

Pull requests, merge button, fork queue, issues, pages, wiki –– all awesome features that make sharing easier. But those things are only great after you've pushed your code to GitHub.

Today we're happy to announce GitHub for Mac.

Looks awesome!

Damn Apple and it not working on Leopard.

@m165: might be time to upgrade, dude. Snow Leopard was $30, and Lion will be as well.

@tonyarnold: Yup, true. Didn't want to pay for two operating systems just to end up with one. All though they are cheap, it just seems absolute madness, especially as Lion is around the corner. I'm sure someone will find ways to upgrade Leopard to Lion!

While is pretty great, I still prefer gitbox for day-to-day repo management. It just feels faster. But if more features are added to Github I could see myself using it more often.

Would anyone care to write a github for mac tutorial/screencast for first time git and symphony users? I could not find anything online; the official github help is not adapted to github for mac (no keys setup needed) and the gfm docu is lacking.

I am aiming at this simple setup The git tutorial in the works and the article we got is too advanced.

If only these great tutorials by nettuts would cover gfm and symphony...

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