And keep the existing drag-drop and selectable etc working?

I installed joaobarbosa's JavaScriptr extension and added some basic, perhaps quite crude jQuery (see below).

Would I have to add/edit the AJAX? Is it too complex to get working? Thanks anyway!


    jQuery("tr:has(td)").append('<td><a href="#" class="up">up</a> <a href="#" class="down">down</a></td>');

        var row = $(this).parents("tr");
        if ($(this).is(".up")) {
        } else {


i use this extension on every single project i work on.

@Fawx, thanks but I forgot to mention that I already use Order Entries. AFAIK with jQuery there is no click-and-drag functionality on an iPhone? It would be handy when on the move.

It's not about jQuery, it's about how iOS handles touch events. There are javascript snippets out there to convert touch to click.


by the way, kalvind, i think jonas and i may pick up phoque's mobile backend pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that (or feel free to join up).

Cheers guys, atm I'm not too hot with javascript but I am learning it on the fly. I just thought a simple up and down would be a quick alternative for iOS devices.

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