But if there are any volunteers...

Perhaps it could be moved to the community repo. No?

Is this extension that essential that we still need it? If there is a need to preview videos from Vimeo or Youtube it would be better to have a more generic solution that also could handle photos from Flickr or similar.

If it's needed to give a shortcut to watch the videos, why don't we enhance the core input field to handle links more appropriate by adding a "open link" link in the publish editor or a direct link in the publish overview? If a client really needs an inline preview it's just a few lines of JavaScript away.

Exactly. This extension was developed in the early days (late 2008, released early 2009), and there are undoubtedly better ways of achieving all of this with the tools we have now. I'd quite like to establish how many people are using this extension, and its Youtube fork.

I built this extension with a specific site in mind, where users were asked to paste in a Vimeo video URL, and we wanted to aggregate the stats for all of the community. But if you just need to insert Vimeo videos into your content, I suggest using the XSLT utility linked above.

A Text Input and an HTML Panel field is sufficient for a backend preview.

So my decision not to maintain isn't necessarily because I don't want to, it's more that I don't see any value in doing so ;-)


What about the future of this extension ?

I think there are a lot of things to improve with the v3 vimeo API (like the oEmbed Feature).. Should I fork or start from scratch ? Or maybe a new extension replaced this one ?


You can do whichever you prefer: I don't have any intention of continuing it. If you use the existing codebase then you may feel restricted by having to provide an upgrade path, so major changes will be difficult. Symphony extensions have come some way since I developed this really old thing, so it probably deserves being started from scratch. If you end up releasing something new, I will gladly retire this and update descriptions/READMEs to point to your new version.

Ok super !

I need kind of the same functionality (fetching info from the api) and I feel I can achieve this using much less code... I like to let my extension be the simpler possible. The goal would be

  • Easy integration (copy/paste url)
  • Simple but nice display in the backend (no flash, no js)

As for the community, I think I will try to build an abstract extension for videos and then we would just have to create new "handlers" or "delegates" for specific websites instead of forks of other extensions...

I start from scratch but may copy/paste some of your code ;)

Will post more on this week end or on the beginning of the next week

A new extension, "Field: oEmbed" can now replace this one. It works with every website that implements oEmbed Format (such as viemo, flickr, ...)

The URL for fetching the XML of a video should be updated in lib/vimeohelper file, method getClipXML to return DomDocument::load('' . $clipid . '.xml');

Very nice extension!

Kind regards.

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