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Dear Italian Symphony users,

the last Symposium has been great in both involved people and discussions we had during all the three days. New ideas were born, some of which will probably lead to some exciting projects and plans in the immediate future.

Amongst these plans, you might be happy to know about some that somehow affect all the Italians here.

  1. Marco (@alpacaaa) and I are going to develop the Italian equivalent of the German satellite website. We have already registered the domain (www.symphony-cms.it). If you want to be part of it, you are welcome!
  2. It would be a pleasure to meet other Italian users in informal meetups around the country. If you have any suggestion about dates and locations, please let us know!
  3. It looks like Symphony CMS is still quite unknown in Italy, but now it's time to spread the word. There are tons of blogs out there waiting for a guest post about something cool to show to the public, so why not seizing the opportunity?

Let's use this topic as place for suggestions and ideas. It would be really great to get to know you all.

Awesome timing, thanks for starting this for real.

Please leave any kind of feedback, we need to know we're not alone :)

There must be a new virus causing Symposiumitis! :-)

You're not alone!

Great Idea! If you need, tell me!

If it’s within my grasp and I’ve the opportunity to help you, I’ll be glad to give you a hand!

Marco (@alpacaaa) and I are going to develop the Italian equivalent of the German satellite website.

Simone, if you need a copy of our install, please just drop me a line.

I hope this branch of the network takes off. I'd love to come to Italy for a Symposium.

Ciao Italiani!

I'm up for help if needed, I'm also a symphony junky. I'd love to also do some meet-ups, however, having recently moved to Vancouver, BC, it's going to be hard...

I think it would be a good start to collect some showcase of Italian websites made with symphony, here are a few I made:






@michael-e: Yes, and we are all affected! ;)

@Nils: Sure!

@bambocci, @theBigMandarino, @nanymor: Great, Marco and I will let you know more soon. Stay tuned! :)

@stuartgpalmer: Thanks mate, we'd love to host a future Symposium in Italy. ;)

ciao a tutti, essendo italiano, parlo in italiano :)

sto riscontrando molte difficoltà con l'installazione su ARUBA...

problematiche .htaccess e 'forbidden' a iosa...

qualcuno può cortesemente aiutarmi? grazie

Hi Tr3nf, even if we are all italian I think it is better to write in english anyway, as these info might be useful to other non-italian speakers. (think what a mess this forum would be if everyone speaks his own language...)

To make Symphony run flawlessly with Aruba (shared hosting) you just have to comment or erase this line at the top of .htaccess:

Options +FollowSymlinks -Indexes

after that it will run like a charm (hopefully :)



Something that runs like a charm on Aruba? Never heard of that :)

Well, yes maybe runs a like charm was a little exaggerated... Let's say it will run as a 1991 Fiat Duna :)

Che bella macchina!


(English: "What a nice car.")

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