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A while ago i ran into this bootstrap from Twitter thing and i was quite excited. Today i revisited this site and i started to wonder whether this could be used by symphony for the backend styling.

It looks clean, usable and sexy.

Funny you say that :) @bauhouse presented some experiments with bootstrap from twitter at the Symposium in Cologne..

Watch this space, he might show parts of it in the near future!

That's a great idea.

In my eyes it doesn't make sense to use bootstrap for the backend directly as it is (of course) Twitter focussed. Symphony already bundles some nice CSS and JavaScript features and a few new are in development right now. One of our tasks is to document these features in a style guide which should be released after the 2.3 backend has been finalised. You will see that some ideas from bootstrap aren't that new to Symphony.

There's somethings to be learned but I agree with Nils.

In my opinion, Symphony should have its own branding rather than use an existing set of styles that are freely available for everyone. Perhaps I'm just wrong, but I like the direction we are taking with the realigned backend. However, this doesn't mean we can't get inspiration from these resources. For what's worth, I love the Twitter bootstrap and I agree with Lewis that there's always something to learn.

What Stephen presented was interesting stuff. I'm not saying to use bootstrap for the backend at all. in fact, re-reading ovidust's post, I'm with you guys.. your doing a top job on the look of the backend and I for one like what you have done to it. Especially S3/re-aligned ideas for S2.3. It's in one word "Beautiful" :)

@eKoes That is exactly what i ment. There is a lot to be learned from these kind of frameworks, even for Symphony.

Hi Guys,

I'm redesigning the Symphony interface for my business. I thought you would like to see these screenshots. I'd appreciate your feedback.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Nice ovidiust, Did you use an extension to override the default css, or just edited the backend css? I remember there were some other symphonians who altered the backend (years ago) maybe it's nice to get all these 'themes' in one post?

I've altered the backend css files.

Like it !

I strongly suggest to wrap your custom CSS in an extension instead of modifying the backend CSS files themselves. It may seem like an unnecessary task now but you will have a much easier time upgrading your system in the future.

The brilliant thing: there's already an extension that does that: Admin CSS Override. Simply put your custom CSS in the .css file that ships with it and enable the extension.

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