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Cool it everyone. This is the Selectbox Link Field Plus thread.

Again, I can understand your and nils's frustration here but I, for one, had simply no idea what was going on in this matter

Sorry, i was talking sh*t here, didn't join the dots correctly.

Lewis, you are right. lets keep it here

Now, lets create some views for this extension!

Selectbox Link Field Plus updated to version 1.1 on 13th of October 2011

  • update to version 1.1
  • updated documentation
  • added functionality to edit or delete entries (see the gallery example for more information)

Selectbox Link Field Plus updated to version 1.2 on 13th of October 2011

I'm on a role here!

  • added checkboxes-view
  • fixed a bug where multiple instances of SBL+ would cause conflicts with their JavaScript-initView()-function

Nice extension! Really like the views idea.

I did find a little bug while testing the extension:

In view.gallery.php line 64:

$img = '<img src="/image/2/100/100/5/'.$href.'" alt="thumb" width="100" height="100" />';

Should be:

$img = '<img src="'.URL.'/image/2/100/100/5/'.$href.'" alt="thumb" width="100" height="100" />';

Without the URL constant the src wouldn't resolve correctly if Symphony is installed in a subdirectory.

I have a little problem:

Error: Cannot redirect to [...]/symphony/publish/oferte/edit/23/saved/

Output has already started in [...]/extensions/selectbox_link_field_plus/fields/field.selectbox_link_plus.php on line 1

The errors occurs for entries that have a SBL+. On Dev is working fine, on Stage I get above error. I'm kinda lost here. Any ideas?

Edit (21 nov 2011) : [Solved]

fields.selectbox_link_plus.php from Github repo is 6.2kB on disk. fields.selectbox_link_plus.php from Stage server's extension is 5.2kB on disk.

When viewing in text editor, they both have exactly the same content ... ??? ... but disk size differs. After replacing damaged file with original, it's working fine.

It seems this field is the best option for a particular entry-linking situation I have in a current project - thanks kanduvisla. :-)

Long-term, this project would benefit from having a view that allows for the Edit/Delete links that come with the checkboxes view as well as the auto-complete selection of the Reference Link field. If anyone would be interested in creating this view as a paid project, please let me know.

In the meantime, I'll carry on with the checkboxes view as I can change the view at a later date without losing the links to entries.

Is there scope to limit the amount of selected items permissible using this extension?

i.e I'm trying to think of an approach that would only allow the selection of 6 items max at any given time in the edit panel of an entry.. any thoughts?

Why would you need only 6 items?

SBL+ builds on the functionality given in the default SBL-field, so as long as there is no functionality to limit this in a regular SBL-field, it won't be in SBL+ either.

What you could do is limit your datasource output to 6 results and inform your client that only 6 results are used. That's how we 'sell it' to our clients.

:) that's how I'm gonna sell it as well! thought as much DS limit.


Is that the kind of thing that could be built into a SBL+ view?

I guess that's where my head was at.. i.e some JS jiggery pokery to achieve the effect... but it's probably in hindsight a little overkill.

Or maybe in the view PHP?

Could you use Rowan's Unique Checkbox Field?

Anyone else have issues where all SBL+ entries are removed from the view without a reason? I have the SBL+ linked to an images section where I could select or upload new images to it.

I now see no images in the SBL+ window and no images in my Images section either.. they have somehow vanished...

The images exist if I browse via File Manager so they are there.. just associations have been lost in the DB somehow. hmmm

What version of SBL+ are you using?

1.2 vladG

no images in my Images section either.

Ouch ... "Asta la vista, baby!" A final check you could do is to verify in sym_entries if there are any entries linked to your Images section ... If not, perhaps someone deleted all your entries from Images section. Happy Christmas :|

Confirmed, no entires in my images section... kaboom! all 200 entries :) nice.

I did enable and disable Jquery date picker in my install.. wondering if there might have been a js conflict that caused the issue!

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