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I noticed, so I tried to update but that wouldn't work. So rebuilding I guess.

What would you like to make available? A Custom ensemble you made?


An update should be possible, but maybe a more interesting way could be to have the latest Symphony installed beside this ensemble and gradually populate it with latest extensions, sections and xsl utilities etc. as seen in the ensemble.

Maybe you could publish a Bootstrap ensemble update later on :) feel free.

A Custom ensemble you made?

No, I had in mind a wysiwyg extension option you mentioned. I am using CKEditor. I can send you a link to repository later on.

Alright I am going to do so now. This ensemble seems to attract people who want a quick start, and maybe I could make a template like that.

I will try integrating RichText Redactor instead of CKEditor.

OK, sounds cool!

So far so good. I was able to revive most of the site under 2.3.6, forgoing Codemirror for Edit Plus and CKEditor for Redactor. I integrated the html branch for the most part. Tomorrow I will take a look at recreating the sections-subsections system. Or something like it, maybe something a bit easier to understand.

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