Here's something to prove that Symphony is here to stay:

The Symphony-driven website of our company won the Site of the day today on the Awwwards! Special thanks go out to the Symphony community. Let this be an example of how good of a CMS this is, and what wonderful stuff you can create with it!

Whoop! That's a great achievement, well done :) For those who are unaware, Twisted make heaps of really awesome Symphony sites.

Congrats! Great site.

That's a very nice showcase you have there.

Awesome, congratulations!

Congratulation! That's a beautifully designed site. And thank you for all your contributions to extension development and utilities as well.


Whoop whoop! What a nice one.

Awesome, congrats!

Yeeeeah! It's well deserved.

And we almost gave up on it .... Awwwards isn't the quickest award ;-) great stuff Gaya!!!

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  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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