Out of nowhere, my log in event stopped working.

I can use the backend of symphony just fine, but anything on the front end that requires the login event doesn't work anymore. I can't debug pages, see my drafts section and so on.

I didn't change anything that I know of. The log files just show dynamic XML datasource warnings I've always had.

I'm using the last beta version of Symphony 2.

Any ideas on where to start looking? Anyone else running an old site have this problem?


Hmm, first thing to check would be to see if any MySQL tables have crashed. Maybe use Sequel Pro (OSX) to connect to your database and view data in each and every table. It'll tell you if a table needs repairing. Perhaps sym_sessions?

They seem fine. I clicked through all of them and no notification that a table needed repairing.

I noticed that Symphony 2br5 doesn't have a sym_sessions table. I checked an old backup of the database to see if one existed and it didn't have that table either.

Any other ideas? Maybe a permissions problem?

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