A new extension, "Database Section Views" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Nice! Makes querying associated tables much cleaner!

The funny thing is that i've developed the same thing for my symphony module for kohana :)

(i'm writing the documentation...)

Anyway your extensions seems to work great !

Awesome. Probably find a use for it with my current project.


I'm glad that others will find a use for it. I have only added support for the fields that I needed in my case. So feel free raise an issue in Github and I will make adding support of these fields a priority.

Hi. Would it be possible to see an example of how you are using this?

Does the view get re-generated when a section is modified?

Awesome work btw - been thinking about something like this for ages but never got round to writing it. :)


Yes it does get re-generated when a section is saved. Also if you uninstall the extension all views are dropped. On installation it will generate views for all existing sections.

Thanks, I am hoping to make it a little easier to add field support soon as well.


The basic idea behind this extension is to make doing custom DB lookups on your sections easier. If you look at a Symphony DB, you will notice that you need to look at several tables to piece together your sections.

This extension creates views in the database for each section. Then you can just query of those.

Hope this explains it. If not let me know.

How can I work with this extension. I installed and enable this but I cannnot find anywhere to make the custom queries.

@roelof: I believe you'd use it in a custom data source.

This article and the comments on it explain the concept of making a custom data source, but the examples given there use the normal Symphony database tables.

This extension means you could simplify the SQL queries, and you'd take a look at your new database views (perhaps in phpMyAdmin) to see how.

@David thanks, I will study this page. Hopefully this is then a solution to this problem :

This extension is just great, but it lacks of dropdown field support :(

Yes that is where it falls short! Having to add field support one at a time! Are you a PHP Developer?

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