I've read a ton in the forum about the SMTP_Email_Library that @pointybeard had contributed. I've updated a project to Symphony 2.2.5 and am having difficulty getting the default (not the extension) smtp settings to work.

I receive this feedback from the symphony debug:

<contact-us id="12127" result="success" type="created">
    <filter name="permission" status="passed" />
    <filter name="recaptcha" status="passed" />
    <filter name="send-email" status="failed">
        <error error-type="gateway">
            <message recipient="">Unable to open socket. Unknown error</message>

Here are my settings in preferences: Preferences

Has anyone had experience with what might be causing the socket to not be opened. Any direction or hunches are greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 11.44.17 AM.png

Try with ssl:// instead of https://.


Any reason why you're not using the SMTP-Variant of the new Email Gateways?

@alpacaaa - I'll give it a try. Thanks!

@phoque - Thank you for your response. Perhaps, I'm just thick (wouldn't be the first time), but isn't that what I'm doing? or is Email Gateways a separate extension?

For Google Apps I use:

Port: 587
Encryption: TLS encryption
Requires authentication: Checked

FYI: @alpacaaa's suggestion solved the problem for me! Thanks much.

Hmm, maybe this is indeed not very clear.

The SMTP gateway expects the host parameter to be set without the protocol prefix. If you select SSL from the dropdown menu, it will automatically choose the right protocol - so is enough.

To avoid confusion: the email gateways is an abstracted layer around email services built into the core. The benefit of this is you can use the ETM or ETF to send emails using any service, and switch without having to write a single line of code.

The SMTP_Email_Library is quite old, and is no longer useful - as the core can now handle this.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

Thanks for the clear up on this, Huib.

[edit] wrong post sorry

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