To prevent extension cluttering and maintain high-end extensions that actually do something awesome, I'm deciding to delete some of my older, no longer used and/or maintained extensions.

Some extensions have better successors or are rendered obsolete, and I feel it's in the best interest for the Symphony community to have a few really good extensions rather than have much extensions who more or less do stupid things or are made obsolete with later Symphony versions.

Especially now Symphony 2.3 is at our front door it's time for a big clean up. So here's the list and the reason why:

  • Author Section, since it has been overruled by Author Roles
  • Search Results, since there is a much better Search Index extension for all your search needs.
  • Multilanguage Support, my first approach to multilanguage, but in the real world I only used it a few times. I switched to the alternative by combining different multilanguage extensions to fit my needs.
  • Tweak UI, this fixed a CSS-bug in S2.0.6 and added some functionality to make the components-screen collapsable. EDUI and the approach that S2.3 is taking make the collapsable stuff for the components-screen obsolete, and the multiselect to selectboxes stuff is already covered by 2 other extensions.
  • less.php for Symphony, while this still could be very handy for some, I'm not using it anymore since I switched to, and so should you! (this one is 'in doubt').

If anyone feels like 'Noooo! Don't delete that extension!', please let me know what extension and for what reason. I might concider not removing them.

On a sidenote: it would also be nice if other extension developers would look at their own extensions and see if they could also remove some of the older, deprecated extensions.

Good thinking. If you have no intention of maintaining them and they are entirely deprecated, then I see no reason in keeping them. I too made a list of as many extensions that I could think of which are either old and deprecated, or extensions that are so similar that efforts should be made to unify functionality where possible.

In terms of deleting this is up to you. In the spirit of keeping links live and not a trail of 404s it might be nice to leave things where they are but clearly link to any extensions that supersede yours (e.g. Author Roles). But really it's down to maintenance and whether the list of extensions should include ones that we all consider "dead". It probably shouldn't. So deleting might make sense.

As an aside, I've got a little something to announce next week which should make documenting extensions a bit easier, and it should hopefully trigger an informal kind of audit/review of the extensions that are in the wild. Hold tight!

Hmm... I've noticed I can't delete my extensions on this site. Is there anyone at the Symphony team who could delete forementioned extensions from this site? (or add the functionality to delete extensions?)

Also, I'm still in doubt about these extensions: can somebody tell me if they ever used them, are using them now or might use them in the future?:

I have never used any of these.

(And I'd rather see them deleted than unsupported. At the end of the day it's not the number of extensions that counts, but their quality and reliability.)

I'm happy to go through and delete extensions. Can you give me a definitive list for me to delete? There are quite a lot of extensions (including Nick's Gist list) mentioned and I'm not sure which ones are the "definitely delete" ones.

I had a few attempts to use Packages but it's a bit buggy. I didn't really have time to look into fixing it and couldn't integrate it in my workflow.


Could you please also delete this outdated version of Frontend Localisation?

I re-released it because couldn't edit the former.

Yep, purging is a good thing. If they are deleted from this site, then it would be worth adding a note to each related forum thread just saying that the extension has been discontinued.

@xander_group: The outdated Frontend Localisation has been removed.

Also discovered that the extension page doesn't redirect to 404 when no entries are found. The site is in need of a bit of TLC.

Also, I'm still in doubt about these extensions: can somebody tell me if they ever used them, are using them now or might use them in the future?

I briefly tried the Infinite Scrolling extension a few weeks ago when I was working with a section that had a lot of entries and needed to quickly review almost every entry. I actually looked on the extensions site for something that would let me alter the number of entries per page, and that extension came up.

I remember getting annoyed that I couldn’t easily access the dropdown action menu until I had scrolled through to the last entry. I was going to see if I could clone the dropdown action menu and put it at the top of the entry table somewhere, but then I got distracted and never came back to it.

I just started using LESS and the Symphony extension, and am really liking it. Whats the benefit of using Compass? I like not having any reliance on developer-side applications, and I've set up LESS to automatically go into development mode if the site is running on a local machine, so I get instant updates when files are saved etc. Sorry if this is getting OT.

Will you be deleting the github repos as well?

Compass uses SCSS and has some real handy mixins to make your CSS3 instantly cross-browser. Read more about it here. You should try it, trust me, it's $8,- well spent! ;-)

But if you (and perhaps more people) are using the Less-extension, I won't delete it, but I can't promise maintaining it. You could fork it and maintain it if you like? It seems that you already added some new functionality to the extension since you've "set up LESS to automatically go into development mode if the site is running on a local machine, so I get instant updates when files are saved etc."

Not sure about the repos, I might save them. I just think it's the best for the Symphony community if no longer maintained and deprecated extensions get removed from the list, since it might ruin the user experience for newcomers and therefore give Symphony a bad first impression.

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