Now that Nicolas has taken over ownership of it would be great to use the momentum (and the new gained access) to fix some issues on the site and maybe optimize & clean the symphony extensions ecosystem a little bit on the way.

Nicolas already did a great job starting with this, but I think a dedicated github repo for would offer a great foundation for others to help accomplishing these tasks. Would be great to gather some opinions and feedback, so feel free to join the discussion :)



Perhaps one idea would be to have a LTS (Long Term Support) release of Symphony, e.g. 2.7.0 LTS, that way extension developers would have a known fixed minimum version to bring compatibility up-to-date with. This could help let old extensions on the site that are never going to be updated to be thinned out / archived, and all the rest can come up to a common new minimum version. Then, projects that need lots and lots of extensions would tend to use that version (until the next LTS release) and projects with fewer extensions, or that want newer features and can code around extension compatibility issues, would use the latest versions as they're released, e.g. 2.8.0, 2.9.0, etc.

Just an idea.

I would love to see an LTS version of Symphony!

+1 on @firegoby, too many little steps get confusing, that was the same feeling when Textmate 1 came out, the menus buttons and so on where shifting all the time. Learning has a timing as well.

I think a viable option could be to have two parallel segments, official and dev releases. That means two buttons on the /download/ page.

I would love to see an LTS version of Symphony!

It will happen. :)

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