Probably there is some kind of extension for it... I wonder how an author would upload images to the site to create content? In tutorials they say that you manually copy it to the ./workspace/images but is it possible to do from the interface? Also what about creating and editing *.php files? I guess it's done only at the ./workspace shell environment?

For the image uploads, you can use an upload field when creating/editing your Section(s).

Image Upload is for you. It's a boost for images of the regular Upload Field.

vladG, should your snippet for adding as submodule include the extensions folder in the command line statement?

Just thinking of noobs who will grab that snippet and wonder why it won't show up in the extensions list in backend of Symphony?

Hmm, I think it should, if called from root folder.

This should be addressed by @nickdunn. That snippet is autogenerated by the site.

I think submodules always need to be called from root according to git commandline no? :)

that is correct.

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