I have a dynamic XML datasource (pulling from a twitter feed). When I view the data source in debug, I see: fopen(/a7fcae858a59e7a630c85e0a7d596415.lock): failed to open stream: Permission denied

Data source looks like:

What's weird is that it looks like that lock file is referring to a file in the document root (rather than somewhere sensible like manifest/whatever). The file doesn't exist, the system has permission to write anywhere (this is just a development server).

Please help.

Thanks, L

It looks like the error might be in class.mutex.php, see: fopen(/9d27626fa9492f3b9bd4a381bb77ebd5.lock) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied /Users/liamegan/Dropbox/shared projects/JF/www/html/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.mutex.php line 50

46          // Disable log temporarily because we actually depend on fopen()
47          // failing with E_WARNING here and we do not want Symphony to throw
48          // errors or spam logfiles.
49          GenericErrorHandler::$logDisabled = true;
50          $lock = fopen($lockFile, 'xb');
51          GenericErrorHandler::$logDisabled = false;
53          if(!$lock){
54              // If, for some reason, lock file was not unlinked before,

I’ve been having a similar problem with some of my dynamic datasources, although with my problem the lock files actually exist in manifest/tmp and deleting them “fixes” the issue. I haven’t been able to determine why these particular datasources are causing the problem.

That's actually a helpful report liamegan, it looks what's happening is exactly what the comment is trying to avoid. If the permissions fail, we want to handle this ourselves in the block below (starts at 53).

Instead an exception is raised immediately.

This should be fixed in this commit

Thanks brendo.


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