A new extension, "Datasource Field" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.


We've all probably been into creating widgets for websites; with some of them having custom templates but at the same time they are user-selectable. Maybe some search widget wants to be moved from one symphony page to another.

And probably you get calls that its not working. With this extension you can link your Widgets to data-sources, so when the client decides to add the widget to a Symphony Page ( Pages Field ) this extension / field automatically adds your data-source to the list attached to the page, no more client calls relating to broken widgets.

Note: handle with care it's my first released extension, and I'm sure it can do with some more love and affection.

Using this field.

  1. Add this field to whatever section you would like. (eg. SectionX)

  2. Link to the above section (SectionX) from another section (SectionY) - which must contain a Pages Field. Currently Subsection Manager 1.x or Select Box Link should both be supported.

  3. Fill your data for SectionX, then when modifying / creating entries from SectionY and you link to a SectionX entry which contains a datasource. The datasource is added to the Symphony Page referenced in SectionY.

Future enhancements might include:

  1. Option to detach / remove datasources from pages when widgets are removed. (at the moment not done as there are 'risks' of breaking usability but will be a future option.

  2. Handling of data-source renaming. Currently has to be handled with care when renaming as updating of the linked entries might be manually required.1.2.

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