Just a quick question that is probably really simple but I can't work it out:

for my default symphony workspace I've setup a git 'batch' file with a list of all the git commands to pull all the extensions that I install by default for a symphony install, it's list a list of commands like:

git submodule add git:// "extensions/dumpdb" git submodule add git:// "extensions/emailtemplatemanager" ...

This worked fine on my windows computer but I've recently moved to mac and when i run the commands from terminal like so: "sh git-batch.command" it works however it adds a newline character into all the extension folder names which messes things up.

I'm not very familier with unix end of lines etc so does anyone know how to prevent this?


Not sure, but you can also separate with semi-colons which might solve your problem.

Worked perfectly, Thanks!

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