In the next week I'm due to start developing a new Symphony site. It's a fairly standard install, no customisation required, fairly small straight forward site.

I'd obviously like to use the new version but I'm unsure as to whether I should:

  • Start in 2.2.5 and upgrade? (will there be a direct upgrade path?)
  • Develop in 2.3 beta 3, presuming that it won't change much and upgrade once 2.3 fully released?

Any suggestions welcome.

You may need to do a little research into the extensions you want to use in your project. 2.3 will break compatibility on many/most extensions, so check whether the authors have updated them for 2.3 first.

But overall there will be an easy upgrade from 2.2.5 -> 2.3 when the time comes?

If your going to use extensions, stick with 2.2.5. I played around with the 2.3 beta3 and 95% extensions don't work unless you tinker with them yourself.

I'd agree with Ecko - planning to build a new site within the next month - plan is to go with 2.2.5 - then upgrade to 2.3 when all or most extensions I am using have been upgraded. If on the other hand you need no extensions or the ones you need are already 2.3 compatible you might go for 2.3 straight away.

The only problem would be if there is something in 2.3 that you must use, but the extensions you need do not support 2.3 yet.

The only problem would be if there is something in 2.3 that you must use, but the extensions you need do not support 2.3 yet.

Yikes ... :) Perhaps the new UI ... Or would it be the multiple output params for DSs? Aaaaa, I know ... the improvements to PHP behind the scenes !

Edit: Uhh, and I forgot the most important: Labels for Fields !

Haha - was referring mainly to multiple output params - but if anyone is technical enough you can get around them.

You can use the Parameteriser extension (if that's spelled right) in 2.2.x to output multiple parameters...


Isn't it called Parametrizizator?

It's on GitHub.

I can never remember the name of that one...

You should know that @achwachikiki @akibichichchi @ahwayakchih prefers funny names!

@michael, that made me laugh pretty hard.

@thegrayzone, I would stick to 2.2.5 for now, and update later. In my experience, the update process is pretty painless and easy (but try it on a local machine first!).

2.3 is very stable at this moment, but as said before: not all extensions are updated yet, making development very frustrating, especially if you don't have much time.

That said, the extensions for 2.3 need testing, so if you don't mind posting a lot of bugs onto github, this would get development kickstarted again.

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