Why isn't my Markdown extra doing the same thing as Mou?


Can we upgrade the Markdown Extra to the latest?
Is that the issue?

There are variations of Markdown that support a different/extended syntax, but I'm not aware of any that create list items from alpha numbering or support more than 1 level of nesting. How the numbering is displayed is a CSS issue (list-style-type).

Maybe Mou has the Gift of Tongues... :-o

edit: It's hard to tell from your screen shots what is caused by the syntax and what by CSS, but I think you're getting 3 levels by mixing your list types. Mou itself doesn't seem to interpret that correctly as it converts an ul-li to an ol-li in some places.

Oh! I didn't read it I was just formatting it..

Here is the markdown for reference.

Do you see where Mou is going beyond Markdown?

Look closely at lines 189 and 198:

A. Importance of speaking in tongues
- The Gift of Tongues and the Prayer Language

The author intends(?) to mix an <ol> and an <ul>. Even if Markdown supported alpha numbering (as far as I know it doesn't) to create ordered lists, I'd think it should nest a new unordered list under line 197:

a. Left brain logic resists Right brain Spirit flow Christianity

Mou supports alpha numbering and either mends what it assumes is the author's mistake or hits a limit on nesting. Indentation is syntactically meaningful for the contents of the <li>, but I don't think it can used to format the list itself (which is probably what Mou is doing).

I think you need a Mou text formatter.

Markdown certainly does support <ol> lists. Simply start your list items with 0 every time to get <ol>s


That's using decimal notation to create an <ol>. into's example uses A, B, a, b (upper and lower alpha) and mixed list types expecting a deep and consistent <ol>.

Edit: Ooops, wrong thread. Maybe I should request a delete button. :-)

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