I don't think i've seen this being used in the wild, but if you have it laying around somewhere I could really use it:

For a large (photography oriented) website/database, I am using Symphony to link meta data (where, what, who, when, etc) to uploaded images. Because this is a non-profit project, and I am not really keen on supporting the site forever, there will be a time where somebody needs to be able to extract all the uploaded images from Symphony, and switch to another system (or no system at all).

Now, the easiest way would be if Symphony would keep the files themselves sorted neatly: workspace/images/{year}/{activity}/{name}.jpg, so exporting the images is just a matter of downloading the folder.

The year and activity are selectbox(link) fields, so this might make things a bit more difficult.

Has anyone ever needed something like this?

I'm thinking about doing something similar soon. But instead of using one of the upload fields I'm considering to add subdirectory support to the Upload Select Box field. All of the uploading is going to be done via frontend events with the use of some JS multi-uploader and a corresponding upload script. So it's easier to modify the upload path with parameters.

Yes please!

Jonas, I just realised I would need this rather soon, so I will start working on it sunday the 22nth. Because you might be able to use this, too, shall we meet up for a chat to discuss features?

I'm in the IRC, though soon away for a couple of minutes to grab some lunch.

Ah, the good old IRC. Do you know where I can find the web client? I should have bookmarked it the last time, but I forgot (and the forum search does not return anything useful).

edit: scrap that. I found it.

Huib, did you manage to get anywhere with this?

Myself and @Nitriques extended the upload field to allow a checkbox overload in Section Editor that would display potential child folders to upload the images into.

Am also thinking of adding a Swap link as well as the Remove link where you may decide to select an image that has already been uploaded from the same field.

Yes, I did get it working. I've rewritten a multi-upload script to accept the folder as a parameter, upload the file there and pass it on to the regular upload field for further processing.

It is hackish as it can be, so if you can come up with a better solution I am all ears;)

@creativedutchmen, just for curiosity, what were you need could be something like workspace/images/{entry/year}/{entry/title/@handle}/{entry/image/@filename} when the defined parameters (year, title) would be folders created when entry is create?

Of course the example is not so useful, but when, for example, multiple files are filed inside a galery {name/@handle} path, this case fits better.

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