A new extension, "Filemanager" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

From the screenshots, this looks like a huge improvement. Unfortunately, I cannot access the filemanager from the menu. Am I missing something?

Hi, I'll try to help.

First make sure to download the latest commit and that sym_requirejs and sym_backbonejs are installed properly (both include git submodules, so make sure the submodules are loaded. Do the same for the filemanager extension).

Install all dependencies and the file manager extension. You should now be able to add the filemanager field to any section you like. Note, that at this time, filemanager is a unique field and thus can't have multiple instances per section.

If filemanager is installed, you can now set some global preferences on the preference page (default mime types for file uploads and file expressions that should be ignored by default). You can add to this settings on each filemanager instance.

Sorry, my mistake. I simply overlooked it. So I added the filemanager field to a section and upon saving I get a Symphony Fatal Database Error.

Unknown column 'schema' in 'field list' An error occurred while attempting to execute the following query INSERT INTO sym_fields_filemanager (field_id, schema, destination, exclude_dirs, ignore_files, limit_files, allowed_types, allow_dir_upload_files, allow_file_move, allow_file_delete, allow_dir_move, allow_dir_delete, allow_dir_create, unique_file_name, select_uploaded_files) VALUES ('23', 'foo', '/workspace', NULL, NULL, '0', NULL, '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0')

Same error in three different installations, including one vanilla install. So I go to the sections where I added field and all it shows is the field title and the little timer icon spinning.

Don't want to annoy you, but there is already a File Manager extension, although it needs a little love :(

The original File Manager extension was created about three years ago and hasn't been touched for two years; it never left beta. And all it provided was a poor-man's file browser.

What this new extension does is provide a section field for interacting with files in-situ. I've been suggesting this for a loooong time. This is the awesomes and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks so much for putting it together :-)

Don't want to annoy you, but there is already a File Manager extension, although it needs a little love :(

Haven't tried this one and haven't used the old File Manager extension for a long time, but this extension seems to be more a Uploaded Files Select Box field on 'roids.

@Ecko: quick fix, go to filemanager/fields directory and delete line 55 in field.filemanager.php. It should start like $fields['schema'].

There will be a new commit available soon.

Filemanager updated to version beta 1.1 on 12th of April 2012

No error message, all I see the clock turning for hours.

hm, can you check if backbone and requires is loaded?

Edit: just found a bug. The default regexp in Preferences->Filemanager->ignore files is broken. Please change it to ^\..* (instead of /(^\..*)/i)

I'll post a new commit later this day.


yup both are loaded and enabled before filemanager extension was enabled.

I figured out, that somehow adding git submodules recursively git submodule add repo.git destination --recursive doesn't work (at least here on my local machine). So please try to type form extensions/symbackbonejs and sumrequirejs git submodule update --init. This should fetch all required submodules if they weren't loaded yet.

Can you post the error output from your webinspector/firebug/firefly/whatever console?

So excited to try! Could be the missing link...

Output on chrome console.

requirejs error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: requirejs is not defined
(anonymous function)

I found the require.js file was located beside requirejs folder instead of in the folder! Upon moving file, will produce further error that is not related to filemanager. Which is a good copy of requirejs tested with filemanager?

filemanager error (init.js):

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Oh, I've download requirejs with a zip file, is that not right?

Getting same error with both supporting extensions installed:

requirejs is not defined

First make sure to download the latest commit and that symrequirejs and symbackbonejs are installed properly (both include git submodules, so make sure the submodules are loaded

Did you update the submodules in each of these?

Filemanager updated to version beta 1.2 on 12th of April 2012

As Nick mentioned, please make sure submodules are updated in both sym_requirejs and sym_backbone.

I've fixed some issues in beta 1.2.

  • there was a wrong default regex that will now be corrected if you update to beta 1.2
  • Filebrowser now auto opens and closes folders when dragging items over them.

I've also updated the install instructions on both extensions.

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