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Has anyone experience with the new Expedia Affliate Hotels Version 3 API? Anyone interested in building a booking platform with Symphony-cms?



Seems like an interesting project - never handled Expedia before though. Plenty of other APIs.

Expedia has been high on my list too — a close family member is an Expedia employee and has been pestering me to help build something!

I'm a newbie for API development, can anyone give me some hints.. In the expedia documentation they write, see below. I suppose it's a bit more complicated then just adding this as a datasource??


Example Basic XML Availability Request for 1 Room

numberOfResults=1 for brevity. Remove this parameter for a default list of 20 or specify how many properties to return on each page. Dates with a RoomGroup array are required for availability.

http://api.ean.com/ean-services/rs/hotel/v3/list? minorRev=[current minorRev #] &cid=55505 &apiKey=[xxx-yourOwnKey-xxx] &customerUserAgent=[xxx] &customerIpAddress=[xxx] &locale=enUS &currencyCode=USD &xml= SeattleWAUS08/01/201208/03/201221MEDENHANCED

Usually I opt for developing a whole extension - including the related data-sources. Because sometimes you might want to manage client-sessions & client details in the background - rather then passing forms.

However technically you can use data-sources to retrieve data as long as you pass the right parameters. However keep in mind that sometimes you might want to 'push' up using post or other methods which is not provided by default through data-sources. You would have to create some custom events I presume.

Gunglien, thank you for your reply, i would like to start with just datasource, i managed to get the datasource outputting xml by /data/dsExpedia/ but when i want to display the names only:

<xsl:apply-templates select="/data/dsexpedia/entry/ns2:HotelListResponse/hotellist/hotelsummary/name"/>

i get:

XSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): Undefined namespace prefixXSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failedXSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): Failed to evaluate the 'select' expression.

You probably just need to include the namespace in you XSL, like


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