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Pretty Photo gallery customized for Admin.

They don't call it pretty for nothing:

alt text

Hi! I've installed this extension but it doesn't work for me. My version of symphony is 2.3 (it's compatible!). I've created a section (images) with upload files (images) field and if I click on them, they will open in new tab?

Can you explain me where am I wrong? :D

You created an entry.

On entry edit page, clicking on the image should open Pretty Photo with the image.

On entries index, clicking the thumbnail should open Pretty Photo with the image.

Are there any JS errors in the console?

Yes, I follow your guide but it wouldn't work. No, there aren't JS errors in the console.. When I click on the image it will open in a new tab, it seems that scripts aren't called!

Which fields can I use when I setup my section? Or have I to call them with a specific name?


Well, Image Upload works for sure. If you have Image Index Preview installed as well, any upload field will work.

I don't really know what's the catch. Try installing Image Index Preview.

Hi I re-install all the extension. They're working now! Sorry for the inconvenience! :D

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