Hi there,

Am tearing my hair out here. Have been trying for several hours over a couple of days to get any version of Symphony to install on my server.

The werid thing is that I have installed Symphony on this server several times before with no issues at all. I've gone through everything really carefully and even went back and followed the install tutorial letter by letter! Still no dice. Have tried with Git (usual way), curl and manual FTP upload. Nothing changes.

I'm on webfaction with PHP 5.2. as mentioned this environment works great with Symphony usually. All other installs working fine still. I even have a beta of 2.3 running which I installed a couple of weeks back.

I feel like I must be missing something here but can't figure out what it is.

When I try and install 2.2.5 I get this: Error screen shot

Tried installing 2.2.2 which I've definitely installed successfully in the past but get this: Error screenshot

Hopefully someone can help me as I'm slowly being driven insane and I have deadlines looming which I really need Symphony installed and working great to hit.


Is this on a shared server? Just basing this off your error screenshot, your host might have turned on strict standards mode:

Thanks Allen, Yes it's on a shared server. I'm a bit of a PHP noob though. According to the documentation I think I need to create a php.ini file to try and address this?

I've created one where webfaction says I should that looks like this:

 ini_set('display_errors', '0');
 error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

Is that correct or do I have it all wrong? so far no change to the error.


As Allen said, your server has strict error reporting enabled, which is usually a good thing, but Symphony has been a little lazy in the past and therefore throws errors with this level of reporting enabled. This will improve in future releases.

In the meantime, changing this line to error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT); should do the trick. This means that you're telling PHP to tell you about all errors, as long as they aren't notices, deprecated warnings or strict errors.

As a side note, PHP5.3 is highly recommended for improved speed, reduced memory usage and much better date handling. Symphony 2.3 will be the last release to support PHP5.3 (blog post to come soon). If you can enable PHP5.3 on Webfaction, I would do so (and then you'll need to update this line) :)

Thanks Brendo, I figured out what was going on but I feel like cracking myself in the head. turns out Webfaction had changed their setup so when I created a new static 'app' it defaulted to using PHP5.4 rather than 5.2 or 5.3 as it had before. So that was where all the errors were coming from. It was you mentioned changing to 5.3 that got me thinking I'd seen that somewhere during the install and never really thought about it until now.
Anyway, thanks for the help!

No worries, just FYI out of the box PHP5.4 support is something we are aware of in #1041. Glad you got things going :)

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