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I discovered that Symphony is prepared for tabs in symphony.tabs.css

  * Tabs used to toggle content areas.
  * @since Symphony 2.3

but since I can't find a corresponding script/plugin, I assume tabs are not implemented yet.

Am I right?

You should have a look at Publish Tabs by Nick Dunn.

In Symphony 2.2.5 the extension is still working properly, but I have no idea if it’s been updated for 2.3 yet.

We merged the tab styles from Publish Tabs and Subsection (Manager) Tabs into the core in 2.3 so extensions can all share the same CSS. The core doesn't use it itself, but it's there if you need it.

Comes in handy, thank you.

A quick question, slightly off and on topic...

Can you use both Publish Tabs and Subsection Tabs at the same time?

No, I don't think this is possible right now. It would be possible theoreticaly though.

I think that would end pretty badly.

But fun to try ;o)

We could add a general tabs plugin to Symphony, and just initialise it if it isn't already, and subscribe tabs to it.

Yo Dwag, I heard you like tabs, so I put up this, so you can tab while you tab.

Just kidding, though this is pretty straight forward and you can have tabs within tabs (well, I suppose, need to test this) :).

Tabs are the shizzle!

Being able to mix the tabs is a really great idea (even if I say so myself) that way, you can have a multilingual section, with language tabs for content, then a meta tab for dates, categories etc etc.

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