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Just wondering. Someone posted on this thread http://getsymphony.com/discuss/thread/89408/ (mentioning ipmultisite.com), michael-e replied. I still can find it on Google (so I'm pretty sure it was there and I'm not going insane), but http://getsymphony.com/discuss/thread/89408/2/ is gone.

Should I call for Ghostbusters :)

I remember reading that comment yesterday, so you're not going insane :-)
Strange indeed, it's gone now

The comment was removed by me. Michael emailed me noting the dubious nature of the comment and asked for me to consider its removal.

I've checked out the member who made the post. He is affiliated with the service he's advertising which is a cause for concern.

It's important to note that self promotion isn't an issue as long as it relates to Symphony and/or benefits the Symphony community in tangible ways. The service he is promoting is provided by his company and for a service of a different CMS.

Discussions between members around the merits of systems is always welcome and I hope the member who made the comment can find a way to rephrase his post in a way that is conducive to the Symphony community.

I expect it was deleted by a mod, probably being viewed as spam. And very snarky, trolly spam, at that. :-)

Edit: bad timing by me - just missed Allen's post.

ah, thanks for clarifying, though I was expecting something like that.

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