Symphony 2.3 is allowing me to set a field's handle like Estágio for example. Is it ok or a bug?

The concept of handles originally bred from the need for human readable identifiers that is also URL-safe, i.e. instead of

While special characters like á isn't technically considered a valid URL character, these characters are typically automatically converted into their encoded counterparts via browsers. Having special characters in URLs won't break a site's operation.

That said, I would still consider this as a bug if the handle sanitation process isn't transliterating to their alpha (a-z) counterparts.

One thing to check, and this is something I'm not sure about, is the handle function should be referencing the transliteration array (I'm not sure if this is provided internally to Symphony or supplied via the language packs). If the handle function isn't, then it's definitely a bug on the core side.

When the handle is empty, it's generated (sanitized) from the Name of the field, but when you fill the Handle input with a special character, then it is accepted.

I agree with a always sanitized handle!

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