When I go to package the Ensemble, it doesn't install any of its sections.
Everything else seems to be there.

Which ensemble?

Which ensemble?

This one, which is

I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting ..

@into, have you looked to see if any of your installed extensions might be conflicting with the creation of sections when saving ensemble? You might look into the Scaffolds extension that you have installed. Since, it too creates sections, you might disable or uninstall that extension and then trying to re-download the Ensemble and see if you are receiving the same conflict.

I find when I am experiencing possible conflicts, I usually ask myself the question... do I have any existing extensions that are could be causing the trouble?

@into, what version of Symphony are you using to create the Ensemble?

If you are using Symphony 2.2.x, it doesn't appear that you have a complete Symphony ensemble. You are missing two files in the Symphony root directory: install.php and install.sql. The root install.sql file is used to populate the schema, including sections and fields. The field data is stored in the workspace/install.sql file.

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