Is it possible to set multiple URL parameters such as category/keyword and category/article-title in the same page filter? What would be the syntax I have tried to separate them by comma or the boolean OR operator but it doesn't work.

What do you mean exactly?

I've attached a screenshot of what I would like to do but the syntax does not work.

Categories – Pages – Symphony.jpg

I cannot view the screenshot – maybe somethings wrong with the upload function?

I've attached the screenshot again.


Still not working. Here is an external link


Ah, now I see.

No, you can't set up multiple URL schemes like that. If you need different parameter schemes you have to use nested pages but that won't help with the scheme you are after. You could use URL Router of course.

I guess that you'd like to show a keyword overview with the first scheme and the actual entry with the second one? In this case you could just use category/title as URL parameters and setup two data sources: one that fetches keywords and another one that fetches articles. In your templates you could then create a choose statement that decides which layout and content to provide based on the results of the two data sources: if the first returns entries, show the keyword index; if the second one returns an entry, show the article.

Thank you very much Nils. I have gone for multiple datasources on the same page and it seems to be working well.

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