So one of my clients emailed me this morning saying, "I'm not getting email through the site. Can you fix it?" Answer: Nope. Apparently, I can't.

When you go to the page and try to send an email it says there was an error and to make sure all the fields are entered correctly. However, I have a JS script checking fields before the form sends and it doesn't return any errors.

I tried removing field validation on the data source but that didn't appear to help.

The site is running 2.1 and I just updated it to the most last 2.1.x release (after the issue arrose). I haven't updated to 2.2 because I'm having trouble setting up a testing environment locally but once I have that handled I'm going to test that just to see if updating to the latest stable releases will help.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on where to start with this? I have to admit, I've been pretty far away from Symphony for a while as I took a job working full-time for a company and they us Ruby for everything. That and I do pretty much only front-end dev work at this point, so I'm really out of practice with this.

Hmmm suggestion, can you edit the action of the form manually prior to submission? (via chrome/firebug inspector) and add a ?debug to the url

Then assuming you are logged in the backend have a look at the debug XML which should highlight any issues you are having. If the event being saved it is most likely a problem with the email setup.

Check that your page has the relevant event attached. If it does, check that the event is firing when you're posting the form. If that is working or you're not sure, do what Jonathan suggested and change the form action to "?debug" so that you can catch the event errors as it is being sent to the system. Check the error from the debug page and that should tell you where the problem lies.

If the email system has been working before, then it sounds like the send mail server details have been changed recently.

I did as suggested and the resulting XML is as follows:

  <save-message result="error">
     <message>Section is invalid</message>

I thought maybe the "message" field was validating but that isn't it as there is no validation on that field. I tried swapping out the textbox field for a straight textarea but that didn't make a difference.

(EDIT:) Ah. Wow. OK, so I found the problem. In my defense, I was looking at this quite late at night after a long day of coding and... I missed the proverbial comma in the code.

Essentially, somehow, the section had changed from the "Email" section I set up to "About Information". Odd as it may see, but it didn't have the required fields! Who'd'a'thunk!?

Problem is fixed, now.

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