Hi there,

I just updated a site to Symphony 2.3 and updated the latest version of Subsection Manager (the 3.0 Beta 2).

I've included the subsection field in my data source, resaved all entries (just in case) and re saved the data source... but no matter what I do I only get the entry id's of the linked entries in the XML, not the content of the entries.

ie my XML output in ?debug looks like this:

<slideshow-images field-id="124" subsection-id="1" items="2">
        <item id="231" />
        <item id="232" />

What I want is the actual content of those items (ie the image file name and path) rather than just the IDs. That used to be the standard behaviour.

Am I missing something here?

Any one got any ideas on this? I've now tried using latest subsection manager on a clean install but get the same result in the XML...

Switch to the development branch, see #199. That should solve your problem.

Thanks Nils - that's fixed it.

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