In the context of Symphony Factory development I'm currently working on the layout of the network toolbar that will feature a drawer with links to national/regional Symphony sites.

Now I have two questions:

  • Which national/regional Symphony websites already exist?
  • Which other sites are planned? (Are there any so far?)

Sigh, I'd really like the Italian Symphony site to spin off, but there hasn't been any progress 'till now :(

However, I'd say definitely planned.

Romanian is planned. I'll implement it as soon as I notice at least one other active Romanian Symphony dev (beside me and ... me :) )

I believe David Hund already has registered a domain name for the dutch version

I'm sure the UK folks, me included, would be up for uniting a Symphony kingdom too.

Marco and I have had many chats about the Italian website and I think sooner or later we'll be able to work on it. We've already got the domain, so it's just a matter of time. Yes, definitely planned.

I'll be helping out with the Chinese version with the developers in (South East) Asia.

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